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[IP] Summary Suggestion

Hi Everyone,
This is one of those suggestions that I feel I should volunteer if I'm going
to present the idea but I'll toss it out here and see what happens.

Once the group seems to have discussed an idea someone often creates a "How
to" article which is fantastic and most helpful. My idea is possible a "pre-
step" to that concept. I believe, it was Bob who wrote a beautiful summary on
ideas presented on Humalog that would have taken weeks to read on a daily
basis. That article was extremely helpful to me personally. I passed it on to
my endo who loved the info as well.

I believe that an occassional summary of ideas or discussions would be of
great value to those who are using the digest or who can only drop in
occassionally. Even a social update or other topics in summary form would be a
great service. They could be presented monthly for some and titled the same.
For example: The Social Summary. Other topics could be written when presented
and titled by topic with the word Summary accompanying it. i.e. The Humalog
Summary etc...


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