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RE: [IP] Re Supply Prices

> > made me feel better but it also makes you wonder why these supply
> companies
> > charge that much to start with? Tax write off? ????
> I'm not an expert in how tax laws work, but I think this really IS it.  From
> what I understand, these companies can report the difference between what
> they bill and what insurance pays as a "LOSS".
> If I'm understanding correctly, that is.  Incredibly dirty trick if so...
Naw, doesn't work that way. Butttt..... if your insurance doesn't pay 
or you don't have insurance, guess what!!??  You have to pay the 
higher price they charge.  So they profit from the poor folks who are 
un-insured and not smart enough to tell them to go to hell, and only 
pay the contract insurance amount anyway (which they will agree to by 
the way).

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