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[IP] Re Supply Prices

Michael Strong
Fayetteville, NC
Email: email @ redacted
    This is one of my pet peeves. You can buy a box of Softsets from MiniMed
for $115.00 (approx.) I think there are some few cents. This same box
through one of these supply companies is $269.00 (approx.). THIS CHAPPS MY
BUTT but there is little you can do about it.
    Express Med also accepts the 70 or 80 % that your insurance pays as full
payment. You have to understand that even the insurance companies know what
they are doing. I called BC here in Texas and enlightened them and after
many calls and finally getting a lady with more than 2 braincells, she
informed me that they have a set price for each of these items. The company
I got my pump through charged my insurance $12,000 for my pump and this
really started me to watching what was happening. The lady at Blue Cross
told me not to worry for that item they would only pay like $3,600. That
made me feel better but it also makes you wonder why these supply companies
charge that much to start with? Tax write off? ????
    Express Med are very prompt. Don't let them put you on automatic. They
will be sending you supplies every three months and a lot of things you
don't need. Lancets, lancet devices and like that. I never change lancets. I
figure if it gets dull it will do more damage! More blood! <G>
Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

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