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Re: [IP] Some sad news

Hi Susan-

So sorry about your loss.  Just wanted to share a similar experience with you....

My husband and I had been trying for a pregnancy for 9 years.  We gave up.
Well one day I went to the dr. because I felt like crap.  Surprise surpise, we
finally hit the jackpot, I was pregnant.  I was about 3 months along when I went
in for an ultra sound.  They could no longer find the hearbeat.  The look on
the radiologist's face said it all.  My world collapsed.  Had I done something
wrong with my diabetes control?  Was I not watching my bg's closely enough?
Did I mess up on my diet?  I blamed myself.  It took me about a year to
realize that it was not my fault (even though the dr. assured me from the
beginning that it was not my fault).  Right now there are probably no words to
describe your pain, but try not to blame yourself as I did.  Try to pick up the
and go on.  I know that's tough advice right now, but don't let depression
get the best of you as I did.

Like you, I ended up having a D&C.  The stress caused some pretty eratic
bg's, but I managed to bring them back into control eventually.

Thinking of you...
Becky Draper

email @ redacted wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Wanted to fill you in on the latest.  My last post was one of good news, but
> not so today.  Yesterday I went to the dr. for a regular check up and
> ultrasound, my world turned completely upside down instead.  They couldn't
> find the baby's heartbeat--figure that it happened a couple of weeks ago.  I'm
> scheduled for a D&C Fri. am.   Am not looking forward to that as I hate the
> feeling of not being in control.  I've asked to just be sedated and not
> completely put under.  I've talked to the endo's office about what I need to
> do as far as the pump, etc.  It certainly does help having the pump.
> Diabetes wise everything was going just fine......May know something more in a
> couple of weeks when I go in for a followup visit and get the pathology
> report.  Blood sugars were a rollercoaster yesterday, but figure that it was
> due to stress.  I'm determined though to keep the blood sugars to the levels
> that I've been at the past couple of months so that I'll be even better
> prepared for when we get the go ahead to try again.  Don't plan to rush into
> anything, will have to take things a day at a time for awhile.  By the way I
> was on Humalog (I know that there was talk of that in connection with
> pregnancy recently on the list).  Would there be anyway of knowing if that
> could have been the cause?  Any tests that could be done on the baby to find
> that?  Can't help but wonder, as a million other things have crossed by mind.
> The endo. I see has alot of his pump/pregnant patients on Humalog with no
> problems.  Guess it's nature to search for answers even when there may not be
> any explaination for what has happened.
> Sorry to ramble...I'm just not really with it today.
> Thanks for your help
> Susan G.
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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