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Re: [IP] Blue Cross

I have Blue Cross in North Carolina.  I found that if I get pump supplies
from a drug store in North Carolina that is on the approved list, BC/BS pays
90% and I pay 10%.  If the drug store is not on the approved list, or I get
anything from an out-of-state source, BC/BS only pays 80%. My pump came from
Disetronic, which is out of state, so I  ended up paying about $900.  If I
had gotten it through a local drugstore, I would only have paid 10% of the
higher price.

Each of the local BC/BS may have different policies, so of course YMMV.

At 08:11 PM 2/24/98 EST, email @ redacted wrote:
>Is anyone covered under Blue Cross Federal?  I do not know where to get pump
>supplies.  Originally, I tried getting them through the Mail Order Program.
>They lost the first set of prescriptions.  When I called to inquire, they told
>me that they definitely covered the Minimed supplies I wanted (even though I
>questioned this because several on the group said they didn't), and so I
>resubmitted.  I just got notice that the Mail Order does NOT cover pump
>I contacted the place in VA that Michael uses and when they checked with B/C,
>they were told they are not a network provider because they are in VA and I am
>in TX.  They said I would have to pay $3800 before B/C would even begin paying
>75%.  I called the Retail Pharmacy Dept and they were unable to help me.  I
>then called Customer Service and all they could do was give me a listing of
>providers in TX that offer ancillary services.  Most don't even sell pump
>supplies.  I asked them who the network provider for insulin pump supplies,
>but they didn't really provide me useful info.  Tomorrow, I am going to try to
>call Home Service Medical.  I know there has been some discussion of this on
>previous posts, but I have had considerable trouble getting into the digests,
>and when I tried to get into the archives, I was unable to access.  Any help
>anyone could give me would be appreciated very much.  If anyone has Blue Cross
>Federal or even Blue Cross, I would like to know where you get your supplies
>and if there is a probelm with you ordering from an out-of-state provider.
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Michael Strong
Fayetteville, NC
Email: email @ redacted

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