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Re: [IP] Re:Urin testing

    Don't you remember the drill from back then? I was 12. Mother would wake
me and say "Go empty" I would get up and go empty then drink a glass of
water or something and squeeze out enough to get the required 5 drops and 10
water or vise versa, what ever the ratio.
    Then, depending if my test was 1+, 2+, 3+ or 4+ I would mix regular to
the NPH accordingly. It worked most of the time when I was real diligent. I
must admit at times I would drop the 15 drops of water in the tube and let
it come out clear blue but like I said it was only making my mom feel
better. I always felt like the last rose of summer!
    This was a crude way back then. We have come a long way baby and it is
for "Our good". All of us have lived through some hard times when it took
all we had just to get up in the morning! To be honest there were times when
I was ready to throw in the towel! I was having trouble back in the third
and fourth grades. Vision trouble. Tired all the time. This was before being
diagnosed in 59. I would go to sleep in class. Felt horrible.
    Praise God the youngsters now have a better chance than that. This is
exactly why I LOVE MY PUMP!! It is better than sex! We all know how good
that can be! LOL
    I know what you talk about. I paid all my dues "in full". I know how it
feels to be a diabetic at 10 or 12 when you are supposed to be burning the
school grounds up and your motor is hitting on 2 cylinders. Been there, done
that. Go with the pump!

Buddy '-) Feels like heaven with a 507!!! :-)))))
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