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Re: [IP] Infusion sets

> >I find sometimes that when I take out the infusion set, a small amount of
> >clear fluid forms around the entrance hole. Is this normal? I'm using straight
> >Humalog with Sof-Set. At first I thought this was body fluid, but today I
> >tasted it and it definitely tastes of insulin. Several units-worth sometimes.
> >Is this a case of poor absorbtion? I thought humalog was absorbed through the
> >fat layer very quickly. I change before giving a bolus.
> It is insulin.  I take a 2.5 unit bolus to make up for this.  Some people
> leave the old set in for several hours in order to let the body absorb this
> (at least I thin that is the theory).  I don't use Humalog, so I don't know
> about the absorbtion.
The insulin loss may vary depending on the size and timing of the 
last bolus.

To avoid the loss, leave the old set in place for the primary 
absorbtion time of the insulin you use.

2 hours for Humalog
4 hours for Regular

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