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[IP] Re:Urin testing

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

>Kelly,  You to  -  lying about the urine testing - me,  too.
>It never made sense to me that I would check my urine
>and know my blood sugar control....  Oh well,  it is great
>that things have progressed past that...  YEA!!!!!!
    You gal have to have read by now that "diabetes" is supposed to mean
"sweet urine" in Latin of French or one of those foreign languages. When you
just did the test with 15 drops of water and it would cone out clear blue. .
. . .  you were only fooling your mom and hurting yourself. As I remember I
had a sliding scale for the regular back then too. It was U-40 then. That
was in 1960.

Buddy '-) email @ redacted

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