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[IP] Calorie/carb counting


Are you sure it is calorie counting?  Most pumpers use CARBOHYDRATE counting.

The assumption is that 98% of your blood sugar is based on carbohydrate
intake, with fat making up the rest.

You will need to figure out your personal ratio of carbs to insulin.  To do
this, select a specific meal for which you consistently get good blood sugar
results (or the closest one you can).  Count up the number of carbs in the
meal and divide by the amount of insulin used to cover it.  This is your carb
to insulin ratio.  It should be fairly consistent all day long so you can use
it to figure out how much insulin you need for anything you eat, provided you
know the amount of carbs in the meal.  Another way to estimate this ratio is
to use the 450 rule.  Divide 450 by your total daily insulin dose.  This is
amazingly very accurate.

There are lots of good books available that list the carbohydrate content of

Good luck!
Mary Jean
email @ redacted
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