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Re: [IP] Regular Insulin-Bill

Humalog is called Lispro (or more properly LysPro) due to it's chemical makeup.
The amino acids Lysine and Proline at positions 28 and 29 in the B chain of
the regular insulin molecule have been reversed.  The empirical formula is
the same as for regular insulin: C257-H383-N65-O77-S6.  As such, it is an
analog of regular human insulin.  This explains Lilly's choice of the
Humalog tradename, incidentally.

[Interesting sidenote: Regular and Humalog both have the same activity
profiles when administered intravenously.]

I don't know if this is the kind of information that you were looking for,
but it comes directly from the package insert.

At 03:10 2/26/98 EST, Craig wrote:
>My question regarding scientific names for regular insulin, stems from the
>fact that I understand that Humalog is referred to as Lispro. I was wondering
>if other insulins have similar names that they are sometimes referred to as.

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