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[IP] Infusion sets

Calling on the experienced...

I find sometimes that when I take out the infusion set, a small amount of
clear fluid forms around the entrance hole. Is this normal? I'm using straight
Humalog with Sof-Set. At first I thought this was body fluid, but today I
tasted it and it definitely tastes of insulin. Several units-worth sometimes.
Is this a case of poor absorbtion? I thought humalog was absorbed through the
fat layer very quickly. I change before giving a bolus.

I'm changing the set every 3 or 4 days. I left it in for 5 days once 'as an
experiment' and got a small infection. Do you reckon I should try out the H &
R mixing? If I can extend the life of a set, it would be great, because in
Britain the health service won't pay for these things, so it's all coming out
of my thin bank account. Dumb question maybe, but how do you mix it? Do you do
just draw the 2 up into the reservoir and let it mix itself or do you prepare
a vial of mixed insulin?


John Neale
Type 1, 21 yrs. MiniMed507+Humalog since Dec 97

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