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[IP] Carol's Action Plan, was: here's my experience


Sounds to me like you handled things just fine. I don't know if I am
qualified as an "experienced pumper", but I would have taken the same
actions you did.  It sounds like you had a clear action plan in place for
events like this, you followed it well ;-)

>Here's my experience with a site going bad last night, I hope this will help
>any new pumpers.
>Last night, after supper my bg readings stayed in the lower 200's even after
>my usual 1 mile walk.  This is very unusual for me, at the time I figured
>that I miscalculated my carbs. At 9 pm tested again, thinking it should be
>down by now, it was higher at 236. Still figured I must have miscalculated

Knowing your "trends" is very important when you are trying to troubleshoot
things. Sounds like you know your trends / patterns pretty well and acted
accordingly. Good ;-)

>carbs and bolused to bring it down. I then became extremely tired and fell
>asleep till 11 pm, woke up suddenly in a hot-cold sweat and feeling really
>weird, I thought I was low but  my reading said 270! At this point I knew it
>was a bad site, I knew I had to change sites, but hated to do it so late at
>night. I changed the site and then bolused only 0.5 to get it started coming
>down and gave myself a temp base rate of an additional 0.3 for 3 hours,
>making my high bg bolus add up to 2.0.  This worked great the only
>disadvantage was that I made myself get up every 2 -3 hours to check
>readings.  At 1:00 ...215, at 3:00...136, at 6:00am...93. This morning I am

When I started, I was reluctant to change sites at night, even with an
obviously troublesome situation. I was being a "good dooby" and following
the instructions in the book, which recommended not changing at night. I
finally developed an action plan like yours, which requires me to wake
during the night to check BGs if I needed to change my set before bed. It
didn't make sense to me to stubbornly follow the instructions in the book,
if I was obviously having problems. I have not run into any problems using
this plan.

>very tired and groggy from lack of sleep.  The important thing to remember
>when a site goes bad is NOT TO PANIC, after 4 months on the pump I handled
>it calmly and just did what I thought I should do.

Staying calm is one of the most important things you can do. You think more
clearly when calm and your BGs aren't further affected by the added stress.

>I have a question for the experienced pumpers, when something like this
>happens do you call your doctor or do you just handle it, do you ever call
>your doctor for unexplained highs?

If I have unexplained highs that refuse to respond, or things seem totally
out of whack, I might call my doc. We will chat - more to bounce ideas off
each other, rather than him providing me with a definitive answer. As you
spend more time with your pump, you will probably find that you know more
about yourself, your trends and any corrections you need to make to your
treatment plan. You may not have a need for any "panic calls" to the doc
;-) Hopefully the calls you make will be to brag about how well you are
doing ;-)

Pat yourself on the back - you earned your "I managed my first bad site
problem" T-shirt <vbg>.

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Bob Burnett

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