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[IP] Removing Tape Easier

Probably everyone else already knows this, as I am always the last to know. .
.  The other day I was reading Hints From Heloise in the paper.  She had
indicated that if you use a hair dryer on a bumper sticker before trying to
remove it, that the heat will release the stickiness and make the bumper
sticker easy to remove.  I decided to try that with my tape.  I use the IV
3000 and sometimes it is a bit uncomfortable getting them off.  I tried using
the hair dryer (being careful to avoid heat in the new infusion set I have
already taped on), and voila.  I couldn't believe how much easier it was to
remove.  I did it again tonight and I didn't use anything else on it (in the
past, I've used baby oil to help with the removal)--just removed it.  It
didn't hurt at all.  

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