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[IP] Blue Cross

Thanks everyone for your input on what to do about ordering supplies from BC.
(Sorry I can't remember how to copy my prev message into this reply.)  I have
spent the last 2 days on the phone with BC and the supplier in VA.  First, I'm
told that the supplier is out of network and that they should bill VA BC.
Then I'm told they aren't even a preferred provider.  I am then told to check
all the local places in the Preferred Network, and when I do, none of them
sell pump supplies.  It was so frustrating because I knew that no one at BC
had a clue as to exactly what I was talking about!!  I am getting very
disgusted as I have spent the entire day on the phone!!  My head is splitting.
I am about to show these people what temper from a red head is all about!!
About this time, I get a call from the supplier saying they have gotten
approval from BC that they will pay.  I'm assuming they got this from VA
BC--rather than TX BC, who I had been speaking to.  All I know is I'm hoping I
will get my boxes of infusion sets, and that I should be able to order more
supplies as needed.  Of course, I'll only rest easy when I actually receive
them and everything goes through okay.  Again, thanks all, especially Michael
for the advice.  It's no wonder people get so frustrated with insurance
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