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RE: [IP] Minimed 506 no delivery alarm

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> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 25, 1998 8:40 AM
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> Subject: 	[IP] Minimed 506 no delivery alarm
> Hey gang,
> I have recently been getting a no delivery alarm when I get down to 40
> units left in the syringe.  It has happened the last 4 times, at
> least.  I
> turn it off and the pump goes back to giving me insulin.  At first I
> changed everything, then I decided to see what happened when it kept
> occurring.  Everything seems fine, blood sugars consistent.
> This has never happened in 5 years I have had this model.  No delivery
> alarms have only occurred when I was right out or for a couple of
> occlusions.
> Any thoughts?  I am finding it convenient, because it reminds me I am
> getting low, but sort of wondering if I should talk to Minimed.
	As is apparent from some of the recent mail in this newsgroup,
there have been a few (six or seven) incidents of no delivery alarms
when there was still sufficient insulin in the syringe.  We have tried
to make this happen in the laboratory and have been unsuccessful.  In
order to better understand the problems, I would like to suggest the
following.  If possible, could anyone who has a no delivery alarm that
appears to be unrelated to a set clogging, please  do the following

	Disconnect the set from the syringe and try to pump abolus.  If
the no delivery alarm persists, then please send the set and the syringe
back to me at MiniMed.  After you perform this test, if you remove the
syringe entirely from the pump, again pump a bolus.  If there is no
alarm, the pump is working fine.  If the alarm happens when there is no
syringe in place, please call our clinical service hotline for help in
diagnosing this problem.

	If you send back a set or a syringe, could you please identify
the type of insulin you were using, the lot # of the syringes and sets
you were using and any other info that you want to include about your
insulin regimine.  

	Bill Van Antwerp 
	Chief Scientist
	12744 San Fernando Road
	Sylmar CA 91342
	818 362 5958 x 2913

	Thanks again


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