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Re: [IP] Blue Cross

Meshell...I know exactly what you are going thru...I am on Blue Cross
California Care...I am working with Home medical Supply...at first they
said they couldn't supply the infusion sets but then they called me back
to say they could...I have ordered but have not recieved it yet...so I
don't know what other hitches may surface...I sent the prescription on a
copy by fax so I have the original in my hot little fist...Home Medical
Supply is VERY helpful...but I am not sure it is the same company you are
talking about...Home Service Medical????Try not to get discouraged and
start the inital ordering process well before you start to run out of
supplies because with past experience with other companies and what I've
heard it is a good idea to call back every week to check the progress if
you don't recieve your supplies...but somehow I think that Home medical
Supply is different...hope so...cuz I am frustrated...but I guess i am
starting to learn the system...Michelle Piper at email @ redacted

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