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email @ redacted wrote:
> Have you ever thought all this ballyhoo about Humalog going bad maybe just the
> site losing it's absorbing properties? 

I checked that when I found the problem happening originally. For ME (not 
necessarily you, YMMV) I found the same site gave the same problem as a new site
if the insulin wasn't changed too.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

After 3 days my site gets so bad that if I
> bolus I get "blowback" where as the insulin can't get in and starts to leak back
> out because the site will no longer absorb anything..  Humalog is still fine..
> site's bad..

> > Glad it works that way for you, probably don't have the same environmental
> > factors I do. I first found it losing strength at about 3 days when I was
> > climbing into a 90 degree (F) oven most days. Still seems to happen, but
> > I do work around moderately hot molds much of the time.
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