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[IP] here's my experience

Here's my experience with a site going bad last night, I hope this will help
any new pumpers.
Last night, after supper my bg readings stayed in the lower 200's even after
my usual 1 mile walk.  This is very unusual for me, at the time I figured
that I miscalculated my carbs. At 9 pm tested again, thinking it should be
down by now, it was higher at 236. Still figured I must have miscalculated
carbs and bolused to bring it down. I then became extremely tired and fell
asleep till 11 pm, woke up suddenly in a hot-cold sweat and feeling really
weird, I thought I was low but  my reading said 270! At this point I knew it
was a bad site, I knew I had to change sites, but hated to do it so late at
night. I changed the site and then bolused only 0.5 to get it started coming
down and gave myself a temp base rate of an additional 0.3 for 3 hours,
making my high bg bolus add up to 2.0.  This worked great the only
disadvantage was that I made myself get up every 2 -3 hours to check
readings.  At 1:00 ...215, at 3:00...136, at 6:00am...93. This morning I am
very tired and groggy from lack of sleep.  The important thing to remember
when a site goes bad is NOT TO PANIC, after 4 months on the pump I handled
it calmly and just did what I thought I should do.
I have a question for the experienced pumpers, when something like this
happens do you call your doctor or do you just handle it, do you ever call
your doctor for unexplained highs?


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