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RE: [IP] islet transplants

> I think the most interesting research is with the doctor in Los
> Angeles
> who's been encapsulating the islet cells (I could try spelling his
> name,
> but I'll get it all wrong).  I'm certainly happy to share any other
> bits
> you'd like to know about this test--either on the list or by personal
> email.  The 24 of us that went through the first phase of the test
> were
> promised to be first on any follow-up studies, but nothing has
> happened to
> date. I think we did this about 5 years ago, if my memory serves me
> right.
> Sansum Medical Research Foundation in Santa Barbara runs all kinds of
> clinical trials related to diabetes if you're interested--and they can
> always use money, if anyone has any extra laying/lying around!
	At the recent meeting of the European Association for the Study
of Diabetes working group on implanted pumps, pancreas and islet
transplant, the data presented showed that for islet transplants the
success rate at 1 year is less than 10% worldwide.  I don't think that
they will be so successful at least in the near future, the
immunosuppression issues are mightily daunting at the moment.


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