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[IP] Re: One opinion

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

>I am considering using the pump. >just want to find out what actual users
of the pump have to say about it. I have heard what the doctors say.
>I live in upper state New York.

My name is Buddy, I have had a MiniMed 507 for 14 months. Almost. If I were
you I would get a pump and get on it if your insurance will pay for it.
Price is an issue as they are $4500.00.
    I have NEVER felt better since starting on the pump! I am now 50 and
have had diabetes since I was 12. I started feeling better three days after
starting on the pump. One thing, since you are on very little NPH you may
not feel the "big difference" most of the rest of us feel. IT IS FANTASTIC!
Most pumper's on this list would not go back to MDI's for nothing. This is
just my opinion and some other's may differ.

Good luck,

Buddy '-) email @ redacted

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