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Re: [IP] Blue Cross


I no longer have BlueCross but did and had lots of trouble.  They do cover the
supplies.  A few years ago they just couldn't figure out how to let you actually
obtain them.  They are not pharmacy items so all the conventional avenues don't
work.  Whatever you do, just insist that they (not you) pay.  Last time I did this
it took them 12 months to reimburse me $500 for supplies!!

   Best bet is to get calmly insistent on the phone, be clear it is an emergency
(after all youdo need this stuff to live) and try to get in touch with the highest
possible person.   Ask them to immediately authorize the purchase of pump
supplies.  Do pin them down about how you should go about this in future
(otherwise you have to go through this each time), but for the time being, try to
get them to authorize direct payment to Minimed.  Minimed is fast and reliable
(and a lot less expensive then suppliers like Apria).  For some reason the
insurance companies don't like authorizing them.  I've done this with 3 different
insurance cos and the problem may be that the person you are dealing with does not
know where to get them.  Since you have to get them to do the arrangements, your
best bet is to provide suggestions but insist they need to solve the problem and
solve it quickly.  The first time I had to order supplies from Minimed it took 6
months to get them.  After that, it took 1-4.  The last few times, it took a week
(I think I had mastered their California network).  Aetna just did the same -- it
took us 5 months to accomplish the same.  Call Minimed and ask them too for help
-- sometimes they are very good, sometimes not so successful.

Isn't this the worst?

Best of Luck!!

email @ redacted wrote:

> Is anyone covered under Blue Cross Federal?  I do not know where to get pump
> supplies.  Originally, I tried getting them through the Mail Order Program.
> They lost the first set of prescriptions.  When I called to inquire, they told
> me that they definitely covered the Minimed supplies I wanted (even though I
> questioned this because several on the group said they didn't), and so I
> resubmitted.  I just got notice that the Mail Order does NOT cover pump
> supplies.
> I contacted the place in VA that Michael uses and when they checked with B/C,
> they were told they are not a network provider because they are in VA and I am
> in TX.  They said I would have to pay $3800 before B/C would even begin paying
> 75%.  I called the Retail Pharmacy Dept and they were unable to help me.  I
> then called Customer Service and all they could do was give me a listing of
> providers in TX that offer ancillary services.  Most don't even sell pump
> supplies.  I asked them who the network provider for insulin pump supplies,
> but they didn't really provide me useful info.  Tomorrow, I am going to try to
> call Home Service Medical.  I know there has been some discussion of this on
> previous posts, but I have had considerable trouble getting into the digests,
> and when I tried to get into the archives, I was unable to access.  Any help
> anyone could give me would be appreciated very much.  If anyone has Blue Cross
> Federal or even Blue Cross, I would like to know where you get your supplies
> and if there is a probelm with you ordering from an out-of-state provider.
> Thanks.
> Meshell
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/