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Re: [IP] Laser Surgery - How Long Does It Take For The Blood To Clear?

Hello Meschell,
I had about two yrs of laser txms. Ever since my first episode with
proliferative retinopathy I have seldom been without some amount of black
floating lines in my visual field. My retina specialist told me at last
visit that there was very little area left that he could laser. The black
floating lines are not from new bleeds and he said that it might reabsorb
and might not.
He and I are just hoping that I don't have any more bad bleeds and that if
I do it reabsorbs enough to keep my visual acquity acceptable. He would
rather not do a vitrectomy on me unless it is absolutely necessary. 
I, too, have had some of those bright white flashing lights in my eyes and
was told it is probably caused from the scar tissue I have on my retina
pulling at the retina, I just hope it doesn't pull it off! 8-/
I hope your residual blood does reabsorb and that you do not have any
further bleeding, it has not been a fun road to be on.
Good Luck
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