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Re: [IP] Laser Surgery - How Long Does It Take For The Blood To Clear?

>Here it is 3 weeks later and I'm still seeing the blood.  I'm wondering for
>that have had laser surgery if this is common.  I don't recall this
>with my previous laser surgeries.  Thanks for the input.
    I have had laser several times so far and today had another angiogram
and have surgery scheduled for 30 day from today.
    About the bleeding. . . .  I have not had what you describe. I have had
the white of my eye turn completely red with blood from the "Grid laser"
proceedure but that may have been self inflicted. I fought like a wildcat
when they gave me the shot just over my cheekbone and just under my eyeball!
Ain't fun!!! They tried to pull the wool over my eyes, no pun intended, and
I lifted both their narrow butts off the floor! In the process may have
forced them to damage some vessels????? It was six or seven weeks before the
blood left the white of my eye.
    You should not be still bleeding but there again it may take some time
for your body to absorbe the blood that is there. If in doubt, get a second
opinion. . . .

Good Luck,

Buddy '-) email @ redacted

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