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Re: [IP] Blue Cross

> Is anyone covered under Blue Cross Federal?  I do not know where to get pump
> supplies.  Originally, I tried getting them through the Mail Order Program.
> They lost the first set of prescriptions.  When I called to inquire, they told
> me that they definitely covered the Minimed supplies I wanted (even though I
> questioned this because several on the group said they didn't), and so I
> resubmitted.  I just got notice that the Mail Order does NOT cover pump
> supplies.

This is what I went through with Lily. It is a catch 22.

Get on the phone and call the BC admin offices (be nice) tell the 
folks that you need to talk to a supervisor because you can not get 
supplies from ANY of the listed places or the pharmacy. Be insistent, 
ask for the office of the Medical Director and get a phone number. 
This is the magic place. They can't help you but they can direct you 
to the right person who will definetly help you. When you finally get 
that person tell them again that you can't get the supplies, tell 
them that you want to order from the manufacturer or the place in VA 
(which is BC provider) and be FULLY remburised pursuant to the terms 
of your plan for a participating provider.

They will authorize this after some hassle.

email @ redacted
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