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Re: [IP] Wearing the pump

Hi Erik-

I checked out your web site.  Cool pictures (and NICE PANTS!).

I can't read norwegian, but still, looks like a nice home page.

Becky Draper

Michael wrote:

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> Date:          Tue, 24 Feb 1998 04:47:35 -0800
> From:["Erik Wold" <email @ redacted>]
> This is how I wear the pump. This works for me with Disetronic pump.
> (Sorry for the norwegian language at the web site, but you can see
> the pictures)
> http://w1.2693.telia.com/~u269300226/hvordan.htm
> Erik
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

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