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RE: [IP] Lower bgs with mixing Humalog and Regular

> I am mixing 5/1 Humalog/Regular (so 150 units of H + 30 units of R).
> I am not sure what you mean by "utilizing it", but I have 5 different basal
> rates and I bolus about 1 unit for 15g Carbs and 1 unit to come down about
> 40 pts.
> I first got the idea from our very own Michael, whose daughter is doing it.

Follow Up:
Lily is still experimenting with the 'timing' of the meal bolus.

It looks like the bolus wants to be spread over about an hour for her 
for all except the 'deadly pizza-like' foods.  Otherwise, if it all 
goes in at once or 1/2 half a begin meal 1/2 at end -- she gets a 
'light' low followed by a moderate high.  For a 2 hour or more 
square-wave, 1/2 at begin of meal, 1/2 sq-wave, she gets a moderate 
high followed by a pretty severe low (when the regular kicks in from 
the delayed bolus). 

At this point 1 hr to 1.5 hrs looks about right for the second half 
of the bolus, depending on the food. This seems to produce a stable 
bg for the entire time period of digestion.

I know there are some others of you experimenting with mixing.  Your 
reports of results and experiences would be of interest to everyone.
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