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RE: [IP] Lower bgs with mixing Humalog and Regular

I am mixing 5/1 Humalog/Regular (so 150 units of H + 30 units of R).
I am not sure what you mean by "utilizing it", but I have 5 different basal
rates and I bolus about 1 unit for 15g Carbs and 1 unit to come down about
40 pts.

I first got the idea from our very own Michael, whose daughter is doing it.
I talked to my doctor who saw nothing against it, but also wasn't sure that
it would do any good.  However, he trusts me enough that he wrote out a
prescription for the R (my old stuff had expired) and asked me to let him
know if it made a difference.  

Others on this list are also doing it, some at 5/1, others are using
different ratios.  The initial reasons were to combat the problem with the
site going bad (needing to change the site every 2 days instead of the 4-5
that we had been doing.) and to not have the awful "low" feeling when
bringing down a high bs with straight H.  I would feel low and still be at
200 because I was dropping so quickly.  I haven't had too many highs since
starting to mix, but they do seem to come down smoother and without the low

- Jodi
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	Jodi, What is your ratio for mixing regular and humalog??  How are
	utilizing it, what is your bolus to carbo ratio,  and did you
consult anyone
	for this?? or where did you get your info from?   thanks deb.
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