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[IP] Lower bgs with mixing Humalog and Regular

I have now been mixing Humalog and Regular (Velosulin) in my pump for about
3 weeks.  I started to do it because I thought that I would be able to keep
my needle in longer without problems.  I haven't confirmed that yet, but the
interesting and exciting thing that I have noticed is how much better my
blood sugars have been.  When I switched to Humalog, my sugars went up and
after 3 months, I had my highest A1C ever.  I thought I wasn't taking the
right amount or was taking it at the wrong time or was eating poorly or who
knows what.  The point is that I was blaming myself for the high readings.
Now that I have been mixing, my blood sugars have come down, back to where
they should be!  Before I was having 200 readings daily and 300's almost
every other day!  Now I am having a 200 every few days, and 1 300 reading in
the last 2 weeks (and that was when my tubing clogged).  I am probably
paying a bit closer attention to what I am doing and taking, but I
contribute a lot of the gain to the mix.  After many months, I finally have
something to be excited about!

I have just tried to put in my pump a 5 day supply to see if I can go longer
than 2 days.  I tried it last week, but got a clog in the tube and had to
replace it.  I am trying again and will let you know if I have any success.

If you are having problems with Humalog, try to mix it.

- Jodi

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