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[IP] islet transplants

Hi all--I read more than I participate on this list, but having seen the
latest digest, thought I'd add a few cents to the discussion. I live in
Santa Barbara, CA and participated in the islet transplantation that Sansum
Research Foundation did a few years ago. It's always interesting to be part
of a clinical trial (I'm doing one now with a new long acting
insulin)...but I have to tell you the test was a complete failure!  It also
cost the 24 of us a great deal of money...no, it wasn't free, by any means.
 We all thought there was a chance of a miracle cure, but it wasn't even

I'm sure the researchers learned a lot, and I met some wonderful people.
The transplantation was very easy--just several large injections into the
abdomen and butt, then we had to stay in bed for three days (which proved
to not be necessary).  A few people found their diabetes became easier to
manage, and some people did notice distinct drops in their need for
insulin, but over the year we were followed, the advantages all went away.
I think the people who found their diabetes easier to control may still
feel this way, though we haven't had any group meetings in about two years.
 I think they also discovered that tissue typing was going to be necessary
in the future, which wasn't done with us.

I think the most interesting research is with the doctor in Los Angeles
who's been encapsulating the islet cells (I could try spelling his name,
but I'll get it all wrong).  I'm certainly happy to share any other bits
you'd like to know about this test--either on the list or by personal
email.  The 24 of us that went through the first phase of the test were
promised to be first on any follow-up studies, but nothing has happened to
date. I think we did this about 5 years ago, if my memory serves me right.
Sansum Medical Research Foundation in Santa Barbara runs all kinds of
clinical trials related to diabetes if you're interested--and they can
always use money, if anyone has any extra laying/lying around!

Hope this provides some information.

Julie Sears

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