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[IP] Re: MiniMed batteries

 does the minimed keep it's clock when you
>take the batteries out?
    As far as I know my 507 keeps everything, time, basals, memory when I
change the batteries. I had one message when changing batteries that gave me
" VER 40" message. New batteries would do nothing. I called the hotline and
the young lady told me I had ZAPPED my pump with static electricity. Maby,
she said. Anyway, she told me to leave the batteries out for 4 to 8 hours
and then to 1. Wash my hands and 2. Reinstall the new batteries. I guess
washing your hands might discharge any static charges via connection to the
cold water pipe???? I followed her directions and re-booted. I tried this at
4 hours. It worked. As I remember I didn't have to set the time or basals,
it held all information in the CMOS <grin>.
    The young lady said this was an unusual occurrence but it did happen.
The  "VER 40" is the version of software the 507 is running.

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