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RE: [IP] Wearing A Pump

Kelly.............I second everything that you said.....so glad that technology has come so far....and those of us that were "way back then" I know are so thankful for new technology...........I love my pump and am so thankful to get up every morning and feel so GREAT.......it still is EUPHORIA to me.....and it's been almost 2 years on the pump.....I've never ever felt this good......
But no one can  really understand I don't think unless they felt so bad for YEARS......I thank God everyday for my pump and wonderful,understanding people like you.!!!!!!!!   


I'm w/you on this one!  It's just a more convient way to administer
insulin to me--and at times I enjoy taking it off and going w/o it. 
Medical things improve all the time--just as BG testing has over the
last 20 yrs.  I'm so glad I don't have to eyedropper my urine into that
testube any more--just to get an inaccurate BG, that I lied about to my
parents anyway ;)

I'm not expecting a cure, but I do expect something non-invasive
someday, like nasal insulin.

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