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Re: [IP] System 07 Alarm (D)

mine is always caused by the insulin getting low in the cartridge.. I go through
a lot of insulin due to resistance so my cartridge goes low alot.. first  I get a
error saying i'm under 20 units and then it gives me a 07.. but I think it really
be anything.. I think it's probably equivalent to a GPF in Win95.. that is.. kill
and reboot and start over fresh..  my basal rates are set into memory though.. I
you need to leave the batteries out for a long time to erase the basal rates
because I think the rates are written to the EEPROMS(hardware) that saves it even
though there isn't power.. I guess like a hard drive.. when you shut your
computer off you don't lose all your hard disk data.. but for some reason they
can't charge up something to keep the clock going with the batteries out..  that
would be convenient if maybe they could have a capacitor "charge" up while it's
in use and  then when you take the batteries out the capacitor powers the clock
until you put the batteries back in.. does the minimed keep it's clock when you
take the batteries out?

email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 98-02-23 14:58:49 EST, you write:
> << System 07 alarm on a disetronic..  take out the batteries, press S for 3
> seconds
>  put the batteries back in, set your time and you're back in bizness.. :)
>  Forrest
>   >>
> Hey Forrest,
> That's it exactly. That's what they had me do. They seemed to be worried that
> I could have lost my basal rates. I think I'll start carrying a copy in my
> wallet as I always forget. But what caused it the 07?
>     Katie
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/