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Re: [IP] Sliding Scale Insulin Dose

i'm not trying to put words in johns mouth so please forgive any misconscewinses(i no it aint a word but hey) even so called"normals peoples body gets into routines ex..sleeping patterns,even runners, things like that. like you siad yourself,kimberly, their bodys can adjust to minor changes its the majors that are problems. i hope i got across what i was trying to say.
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> From: Kimberly <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Sliding Scale Insulin Dose
> Date: Monday, February 23, 1998 9:51 PM
> Hey... according to that line of thought, I should always wake up at
> exactly the same time, eat exactly the same foods, at exactly the same
> time and do everything identically from day to day.  (Heaven forbid I
> walk an extra block, my body couldn't deal with that.)  The human body
> isn't designed that way.  Generally in a healthy individual the
> pancrease adjust to minor changes in routine from day to day.  My
> pancrease doesn't work, so I have to do the dirty work.  Changes in
> blood sugar affect your body far more than a change in an insulin dose.
> Kimberly
> John Neale wrote:
> >
> > I've posted on this already, but I've had some 2nd thoughts. Another diabetes
> > specialist I see in London explained it to me like this: the body's hormone
> > system is very complex, and not well understood, but it works in a 24 hour
> > cycle. The body can withstand interuptions to it's cycle (being woken in the
> > night, missing a meal, that sort of thing) but we all function best when we
> > are in a routine. If your body is used to receiving 10 units of insulin at
> > midday, then it grows to expect it. So as midday approaches, all sorts of tiny
> > and subtle changes take place in the body, in preparation for it's insulin
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