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[IP] Loss of strength in Humalog, was: CLOGGING

Dan Oliver wrote:
> I haven't noticed any trouble with clogging per se (and I live in Phoenix,
> so the Humalog and I both get plenty warm during the summer), but I sure do
> notice loss of potency (of the Humalog ;-) after about 2.5 days or so.  As
> such, I refill the reservoir and reprime the tubing every 2 days.
> There has been some conjecture that the type of tubing may have something to
> do with it (permeability, perhaps?).  I use the Pureline Comfort 43"
> tubing...is anyone using any other type of tubing and _not_ encountering
> crystalization/potency loss/clogging with their Humalog after 3+ days?

Actually I've had it happen with both MiniMed and Comfort sets. The actual
tubing doesn't differ that much between the 2, it's very much the same thing
with different minor factors, as I understand it.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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