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Re: [IP] Sliding Scale Insulin Dose

Hey... according to that line of thought, I should always wake up at
exactly the same time, eat exactly the same foods, at exactly the same
time and do everything identically from day to day.  (Heaven forbid I
walk an extra block, my body couldn't deal with that.)  The human body
isn't designed that way.  Generally in a healthy individual the
pancrease adjust to minor changes in routine from day to day.  My
pancrease doesn't work, so I have to do the dirty work.  Changes in
blood sugar affect your body far more than a change in an insulin dose.

John Neale wrote:
> I've posted on this already, but I've had some 2nd thoughts. Another diabetes
> specialist I see in London explained it to me like this: the body's hormone
> system is very complex, and not well understood, but it works in a 24 hour
> cycle. The body can withstand interuptions to it's cycle (being woken in the
> night, missing a meal, that sort of thing) but we all function best when we
> are in a routine. If your body is used to receiving 10 units of insulin at
> midday, then it grows to expect it. So as midday approaches, all sorts of tiny
> and subtle changes take place in the body, in preparation for it's insulin
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