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Re: [IP] Rough Weekend

go hokies! i used to be a reserch tech for v.t. school of forestry. whats that got to do w/ a messed up weekend you ask? well if you've ever been in b'burg on a weekend when uva came to town you'd know or in my case you might not remeber. but i'm smarter and more grownd up now.
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> From: Clifford Bateman <email @ redacted>
> To: email @ redacted
> Subject: Re: [IP] Rough Weekend
> Date: Monday, February 23, 1998 12:31 PM
> Greg,
> I concur with Marti.  Try a pharmacy.  Most, if they handle pump
> supplies, will be glad to sell one or two sets (you might not have much
> of a choice as to brand/type).  The pharmacist knows that diabetics
> require insulin.  Even without a prescription, you can show him the pump
> and installed infusion set.  I had something similar happen near
> Blacksburg, VA when I was visiting my daughter at a Biological Research
> Station at Mountain Lake.  No problem getting two backups from the
> pharmacy.  As in your case, I still had a few syringes and one installed
> set but had exhausted the backups.  Made the weekend less troublesome.  
> I didn't even try to recoup the cost from my insurer.  However, he would
> have had to pay for emergency room service if that had been required.  
> Remember, the local pharmacist will do what is legally possible to help
> in a difficult situation.
> Cliff
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