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Re: [IP] System 07 Alarm (D)

System 07 alarm on a disetronic..  take out the batteries, press S for 3 seconds
put the batteries back in, set your time and you're back in bizness.. :)


email @ redacted wrote:

> There must have been something in the air, as I had a little adventure myself
> this weekend:
> In response to your weekend, often the best thing that Disetronic can do is to
> Federal Express you supplies. If you called in the evening it would actually
> take two days to get to you. This probably would have been too late. Thus the
> inability of them to help. Each person handling the 800 line, handles it
> differently. They are more into handling technical problems than supply
> problems.
>  I strongly suggest you continue with your plan to contact Disetronic. As a
> few months back the person I contacted went so far as to provide me with an
> evening number for a local supplier who met my husband at 10pm on a Sunday in
> a parking lot. They also called me repeatedly until I had solved my problem.
> As for my weekend: There I was in the middle of the Houston Livestock Show and
> Rodeo. I brought extra batteries as I had already received one low battery
> warning and I knew I'd have to replace it soon. When I replaced it, something
> strange happened and I received an 07 Error - System Alarm. The whole thing
> stopped. Wouldn't do anything. Tried to put the old battery back in, nothing.
> I didn't want to use the other new battery until I'd talked with Disetronics.
> We thought we were going to have to go home. The rodeo wasn't even half over
> and Clint Black hadn't even begun to yodel. Called the 800 number. They told
> me to turn down the background noise. HA. Have you ever tried to turn down a
> rodeo?
> Anyway, they walked me through startin it back up with a new battery. And said
> it had something to do with me pushing too many commands too fast or
> something. I think it was a screwy battery 'cause I couldn't put it back in
> once I'd removed it. All went well with the pump after that. But I can't say
> so much for me:
> I managed to over bolus right after that. With the hot dog, peanuts, sausage
> on a stick and the first beer I'd had in six months . . . ICE COLD BUD . . .
> and it was good. I ended up crying and emotional. I was out of the normal
> glucose tablets I carry so my hubby had to steal the sugar off the condiment
> table. The hotdog guy wasn't too happy. My hubby asked for a cup, they
> wouldn't give him one. So he said then, I'm taking the whole thing. MY HERO.
> It was smooth sailing after that except for the torrential down pour and
> getting soaking wet. I did ask my husband about then, why he married a
> diabetic when his mama warned him not to.
> katie
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/