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[IP] Update to: What does your bottle of Humalog look like?

Thanks to the folks who responded:

It seems that Eli Lilly has purchased "new printers" for the labels on
their Humalog bottles, hence the new look.

As far as the funky top on the bottle (kind of bent and beat up looking),
they are also wondering what that is all about. They will be sending me the
packaging to return it to them for inspection, as well as a coupon for a
replacement bottle.

I always try to pay attention to the insulin in the bottle - I think this
comes from over 40 years of NPH experience, when the contents of the bottle
sometimes looked downright nasty ;-) I didn't use a drop of it.

I don't suspect "product tampering" (as a number of readers suggested) as
much as I suspect "poor cap". We'll see what they have to say.

By the way, I left an e-mail message on Lilly's web site (address which
Michael has the link for on the web page) on Saturday noting the problem.
They called me at work this morning at 9:00. I thought that was a pretty
good response.

Bob Burnett

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