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Re: Re: [IP] Rough weekend...

In a message dated 2/23/98 1:08:21 PM, Nancy wrote:

<<What is the name of the pharmacy?   I looked into two of our area pharmacy's

and was told that they could not get them from MM.  >>


Neither of the local pharmacies that I deal with are part of a chain.  They
are independent pharmacies.  So, unless you live in the Toledo, OH area, it
won't help very much.   For a long time they only carried Disetronic.  Now
they carry Minimed, but they are no bargain.  They have to pay the same price
we pay from Minimed and then add their own profit.  Apparently, Minimed is not
very flexible in this area.  Consequently, I would only use them in an

Sorry, not much help.

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