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RE: [IP] Rough weekend...

If you're talking about FREE samples, then I disagree with you.
TANSTAAFL, y'know.

If you give them your credit card number say 'FedEx those suckers overnight
to this address', then they ought to darn well do it.  If they're in the
business of _selling_ the stuff, after all, then why should it matter a
rodent's bum what method they use to ship it, as long as you are PAYING?

At 08:20 2/23/98 -0500, Greg wrote:
>Ok, everyone, let me repeat my original point:
>I wasn't in any real danger.  I was out of MULTIPLE backups, but I was Ok.
>I DID have shots with me in case I needed them (should have stated that
>earlier, but I was tired).
>But, again, what if my luggage had been stolen, and I therefore had no
>supplies on hand?  Diesetronic's answer was FAR less than helpful.  I wasn't
>asking for same-day delivery or anything, I was asking for a few sample sets
>to be shipped to me next day in case I needed yet another change for
>whatever reason.  Diesetronics will send out samples (I've gotten them), so
>why not in this case?
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