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Re: [IP] Rough weekend...

Now hold on a second here...

Although I _always_ take double what I think I would ever need in the most
dire emergency with me (including needles, insulin, etc.), why the heck
shouldn't my pump manufacturer FedEx some infusion sets to my hotel room if
I request it?

Sure, I'd have to _pay_ for it, but that's what credit cards are for...

At 05:55 2/23/98 -0500, Forrest wrote:
>Hmmm.. Disetronics was pretty cool for me.. I had started on the pump and had X
>amount of supplies and before I knew it they ran out, and when I tried to
>reorder there was a problem with my insurance, which I realized and knew it
>would take awhile to iron out.. Since I was on my last set I would have to go
>back to shots so I called Disetronic and asked them if they could FedEx me some
>samples which they did.. First they said they would sent it the slow way,
but it
>came like next day..I was so happy at them...
>People on here kept saying that Disetronic service was bad, but I don't believe
>But Greg, didn't you bring some needles and some insulin with you? If I were
>girlfriend I wouldn't have been very happy with you wasting all that time
>to get some new sets, instead of enjoying the weekend.  I don't know what you
>mean by wanting emergency shipping on the sets, but if you mean same day I
>wouldn't have approved it.. next day, maybe..
>Disetronics, is still a business to make money, not just grant everyone's
>whims.. I think you are being a bit harsh on them.. .. I remember thinking
>how great Saturn customer service would be when I bought a Saturn.. I had such
>high expectations that didn't turn out, but then I remembered that they were
>still a business that couldn't just grant everything I wanted them too or
>go broke...
>p.s. From my experience though Greg, even the best customer service companies
>tell their customers no on a lot of requests.. I was told no too at first.. but
>I kept asking.. what I found out is that the clerk I was talking to didn't have
>the authority to approve it and was just saying no because that's all the
>authority she had..  But luckily she decided to ask someone higher up before I
>had to... TIP:only ask the people who can grant what you want, not just
tell you
>NO.  You will get nowhere by asking people who have no authority to grant what
>you want.. it leads to insanity and frustration...
>just some ideas..

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