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I fill my cartiridge as much as it will hold with humalog. I've not noticed
any loss of potency, crystalizing or anything. I don't change the site until
the cartridge is empty approximatey 5 - 7 days. I change the tube everyother
site. I use Diestronic tenders.

One time I had trouble with highs I couldn't bring down. Changed site,
cartridge and tube so I don't know what caused it. There were many additional
factors including major munch down prior to the highs. 

If I do develop problems, I've already discussed mixing with my endo. 

I'm curisous though, when you refill the reservior are you using a new
cartridge each time? What about the needle you fill it with, is that new each
time too? I was wondering 'cause if I had to go to that one day, I was
concerned that it would triple my need for supplies.
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