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Re: [IP] Rough weekend...

There must have been something in the air, as I had a little adventure myself
this weekend:

In response to your weekend, often the best thing that Disetronic can do is to
Federal Express you supplies. If you called in the evening it would actually
take two days to get to you. This probably would have been too late. Thus the
inability of them to help. Each person handling the 800 line, handles it
differently. They are more into handling technical problems than supply

 I strongly suggest you continue with your plan to contact Disetronic. As a
few months back the person I contacted went so far as to provide me with an
evening number for a local supplier who met my husband at 10pm on a Sunday in
a parking lot. They also called me repeatedly until I had solved my problem.

As for my weekend: There I was in the middle of the Houston Livestock Show and
Rodeo. I brought extra batteries as I had already received one low battery
warning and I knew I'd have to replace it soon. When I replaced it, something
strange happened and I received an 07 Error - System Alarm. The whole thing
stopped. Wouldn't do anything. Tried to put the old battery back in, nothing.
I didn't want to use the other new battery until I'd talked with Disetronics.

We thought we were going to have to go home. The rodeo wasn't even half over
and Clint Black hadn't even begun to yodel. Called the 800 number. They told
me to turn down the background noise. HA. Have you ever tried to turn down a

Anyway, they walked me through startin it back up with a new battery. And said
it had something to do with me pushing too many commands too fast or
something. I think it was a screwy battery 'cause I couldn't put it back in
once I'd removed it. All went well with the pump after that. But I can't say
so much for me:

I managed to over bolus right after that. With the hot dog, peanuts, sausage
on a stick and the first beer I'd had in six months . . . ICE COLD BUD . . .
and it was good. I ended up crying and emotional. I was out of the normal
glucose tablets I carry so my hubby had to steal the sugar off the condiment
table. The hotdog guy wasn't too happy. My hubby asked for a cup, they
wouldn't give him one. So he said then, I'm taking the whole thing. MY HERO.

It was smooth sailing after that except for the torrential down pour and
getting soaking wet. I did ask my husband about then, why he married a
diabetic when his mama warned him not to.


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