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Re: [IP] Rough Weekend


I concur with Marti.  Try a pharmacy.  Most, if they handle pump 
supplies, will be glad to sell one or two sets (you might not have much 
of a choice as to brand/type).  The pharmacist knows that diabetics 
require insulin.  Even without a prescription, you can show him the pump 
and installed infusion set.  I had something similar happen near 
Blacksburg, VA when I was visiting my daughter at a Biological Research 
Station at Mountain Lake.  No problem getting two backups from the 
pharmacy.  As in your case, I still had a few syringes and one installed 
set but had exhausted the backups.  Made the weekend less troublesome.  
I didn't even try to recoup the cost from my insurer.  However, he would 
have had to pay for emergency room service if that had been required.  
Remember, the local pharmacist will do what is legally possible to help 
in a difficult situation.


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