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Re: [IP] Doctors needing control (was:Sliding Scale Insulin Dose)

Egad!  Sounds like you'd be better off without an endo at all.  If you could
just get a 'forever-Rx' for HbA1c tests, you'd be better off IMO.

At 10:43 2/21/98 -0800, Janine wrote:
>I think that you are right about the doctors wanting to have some control.
>The last endo I had tried to get me off the pump, after 13 years! on to MDI
>- set daily dose, no sliding scale, adjust your life to the insulin, not
>the other way round (because it is "cheaper and just as effective as the
>pump")  :'P  You have defined something that I am having a problem with
>now.  My endo wants me on one basal rate, so that he always knows what my
>rate is, regardless of the time of day.  He moved me from 4 basal rates to
>one, and it is not working!
>At least, I think it isn't - he is okay with the fact that my sugars are
>now ranging 12-21 mmol/l (216-378 mg/dl) instead of the 5.5-8 mmmol
>(100-150 mg) that I had before.  He is still working on this but after a
>month, I was dangerously close to giving up on the whole control thing. I
>made it through the last crisis with the help of Janet and Mary Jean.  This
>group is what is keeping me going, not the "professional" help.  I have my
>"Pumping Insulin" book out and am considering my options.  If he doesn't
>like what I choose, which will likely be to go back to 4 rates and modify
>from there, I will drop him.
>I think we really need to pay attention to how we feel and make our views
>known, even though that can be hard sometimes.  We have the right to have
>control, and the doctors will just have to learn to live with people having
>input into their diabetes treatment.
>type 1, 18 years
>pump, 13 years

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