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Re: [IP] Rough weekend...

    This is the exact reason I ALWAYS carry not only two infusion sets but a
bag of 10 disposable syringes. "Murphy's Law" you know. Of course I am a
safety man, I always wear a belt and suspenders too, I don't take a chance.
I would rather have it and not need than to need it and not have it. This is
a personal call but as you have seen S**T does happen and even if it makes
you have to carry more with you than you might like it is sure worth it in
the long run.
    Just look at the "stress" this caused you just to compound the problem.
Personally, I carry a "laptop bag" without the laptop of course, and have
backups for everything! As a matter of fact, if something unexpected were to
happen to me I could last at least a week. That would give me time to walk
back home from most anywhere I travel.
    BTW, hindsight is always 20/20 but now you will know exactly why to
prepare for the unexpected. I hope your week-end was not a total washout.
>From now on remember the Boy Scout Motto. . . . . "Be Prepared".

Good Luck,

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