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Re: [IP] Rough weekend...

Greg Legowski wrote:
> Comments/suggestions?  I'm planning on writing a letter to Diesetronics
> tomorrow asking for an explanation.

Hi Greg,

This may not be a popular answer I'm giving here, but I don't see this
as a Diesetronic's problem.  I have had the same thing happen to me
once--went on an overnight trip-30 minutes from my home-and my set blew
along w/my backup.  I didn't even think of going to a hospital or
calling Minimed--I didn't even bring my insulin w/me!  But I figured out
a way to get some insulin in me and if I were you would have immediatley
gone back to shots.

Can you imagine if the pump companies started shipping emergency sets to
people that needed them?  They would be doing nothing else!!  At some
point people have to take care of themselves.

Anyway, what I learned from my overnight trip was don't go away anywhere
for even a short trip w/o an insulin bottle!!  Stupid on my part--but
not Lilly's fault!

Take care and go back to shots next time and save yourself the hassle of
all that wasted time on the phone and in the hospital!
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