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Re: [IP] Humalog packaging


Based on the responses from others, it seems that the label on the Humalog
bottles has changed. I don't know why they removed the bar coding, though,
since that is frequently used to track production lot numbers and other
information. I doubt they have someone "hand checking" the bottles as they
come off the production line.

I will still be returning this damaged bottle as soon as Lilly lets me know
they are interested. The top on the bottle is obviously "not right" and I
will have them look into that.

Re: Your question about any difference in Humalog issues between MiniMed
and Disetronic users:

I used a MM 506 for 14 months, the last 9 of which were with Humalog.
Beginning in June 1997, I have been using a Disetronic H-TRONPLUS V100. I
have wrestled with various issues with Humalog since I started using
Humalog in Sept. 1997. I'm not sure if the type of pump has made a
difference - many of the same issues still present themselves, but the
jury's still out ...

I have had the same success (or lack of) with changing the insulin
reservoir / cartridge every two days, or letting it go longer - like 5 to 7
days. Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I have found that I need to
change my sites frequently and this is getting to be a real problem lately.
It is quite possible that the Humalog is contributing to sub cutaneous
tissue hardening at the infusion sites. I don't like the way my sites look
and feel. Whether I use bent needles or the Comfort 2's, I get a max of two
days from a site. Lately, I have ranged around 1 to 2 days before having to
change sites.

I suspect my last bottle of Humalog got too warm. When I picked it up from
the pharmacy, they had it sitting out in the little paper bag on a shelf
with my name on it. Seems it had been sitting there for a couple days
waiting for me to pick it up. I ended up tossing a good amount of this last
bottle of Humalog out, since I was replacing the cartridges prior to them
being emptied (high BGs, not responding to supplemental boluses, etc.).
Subsequent fills with "fresh" insulin helped, but this most recent fill
lasted only one day. That was the end of the bottle.

Bill VanAntwerp from MiniMed was collecting info from us re: site loss and
other Humalog issues. He promised some time ago to fill us in on what
MiniMed had found. Seems like he disappeared over the horizon with our
contributed theories and "lab reports" ;-)  Hey, Bill are you still there?

Sorry for the ramble - you've heard it before, sorry to bore you all. It
hasn't been a real entertaining weekend, from a Humalog standpoint


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>My bottles of Humalog look like you described, , ,  just a black box with
>serial no. on it, no bar-coding.  I have not had any problems with it, so
>guess they changed packaging.
>By the way, I have wondered if there is more noticeable ineffectiveness of
>Humalog for those using Minimed pumps than Disetronic.  I use a Disetronic
>HTron ( not the latest model) and have not noticed much difference.  I change
>canula sites about every 3-4 days, but only change tubing and reservoir about
>every 10 days or so.  I use the Tender 2 sets.  
>How about it Disetronic users, do you have the reported problems with
>Type 1 36 years, pumping for 15 years, humalog for 1 year

Bob Burnett

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