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[IP] Re: humalog bottle

It may be that Lilly has changed the packaging (I don't know; it's been a
few months since I last bought insulin since I get 3-4 months worth at a
time). I would still investigate anything that looked strange.

A bent top sounds weird. 

I met a Lilly pharmacist in January at a product fair and mentioned that
I'd had some problems with Humalog not working effectively for me in my
pump. He gave me his card and said to call and send them the bottle when it
happened again. He was a pretty concerned and friendly guy. If you don't
get any response from your first email, try calling him.

His card says:

Tim Aquino

and on the back is Lilly's 800 number for customer msgs: 1-800-TO-LILLY.

email @ redacted
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