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Re: [IP] Calling on the Experienced!

I have gotten back logged on reading my E-mail and realized I am responding
late to
Marti .  Just read my e-mail and noticed you are missing part of the story...
I came 
home from work and tested my bs level - 38 - drank two 4 ounce juice boxes
Should have raised bs 100 points  tested again 10 minutes later and I was 45 
drank another juice box 41  ate 4 cookies because I was so bloated and
something had to work.... Had only expired glucagon in the house.....  oh
Ended up going to the ER of the local hospital   

On second thought and first thought everyone using Humalog needs 
to have Glucagon at home, hopefully not expired.  I now have two and hope 
not to have to use them ever again....
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/